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About Us

Originally an Ipoh steakhouse, Maria’s Steakcafe was founded by Philip and Maria, a dynamic husband-and-wife team.

20 years ago saw plenty of action in their kitchen, with them getting their 5 children to roll tens of thousands of pastries which turned into homemade pies, crispy curry puffs and delicious quiches.

Afterwards, thousands of cakes, pies, roast chickens and Christmas turkeys were created with the turn of the dial of their family oven, igniting its warm furnace of creation.

Their kitchen has seen its fair share of sweat, tears, joy and laughter. With its walls carrying whispered secrets of recipes and nuances of what makes Maria’s SteakCafe food special and filled with passion.

When Phillip passed away, Maria carried on the legacy and till today, the scrumptious and tantalising food signifies the sheer dedication and commitment of the family being transferred onto our guests’ plates for an ultimate dining experience.

Upon graduating as an actuary and working in an insurance company for 3 years, Angeline Tan, daughter of Philip and Maria took on the responsibility to carry out the family’s legacy by rebranding their steaks as a go-to steakcafe to stand ahead of competition.

With the original outlet in Ipoh and 3 more outlets at the hub of Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur, Maria’s SteakCafe has carved its name to be one of the best steakhouses in town.

So what is the heartbeat of Maria’s SteakCafe signature, one might ask.
This is it.
Food. Family. Legacy