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How to Choose the Best Steak Cut?

When you are walking at the aisle of the butchery or looking at the vast choices of steak in the menu of a dry-aged steakhouse, choosing the best cut of steak can be quite a daunting task. Here, we will give you THREE TIPS to choosing a fine piece of meat.

1. Marbling

Look for nice, thin lines of marbling, not chunks of fat. Marbling is the tiny streaks of fats between the meat or simply the white lines running through the meat. It is largely determined by the diet of the cow. The more marbling a steak has, the more tender and flavourful the steak is. The marbling renders itself down as it cooks, creating the perfect texture and rich flavour you look for in a premium steak!

2. Thickness

Choose a cut that is at least 1-inch thick. No matter which cooking method you choose, this would be the ideal thickness. Why? A thin steak makes it harder to achieve that perfect doneness as an extra 30 seconds may turn the best cut into a tough piece of meat. Thicker cuts on the other hand allows you to get the perfect grill marks without overcooking it.

3. The Part of the Cow

This is the most difficult one! There are so many different parts to a beef. However, there are three cuts which will promise you a tantalizing steak experience. They are the Tenderloin, Rib Eye and Striploin. Tenderloin is known for its tenderness. Rib Eye is known for its marbling; hence it is more flavourful. Striploin is a more affordable option though still tender. However, the challenge for Striploin is in its consistency because Striploin comes from the Short Loin area, which is a large part of the cow. Hence, the parts nearer to the ribs will be more tender as compared to the parts nearer to the loin.

At Maria’s, we pride ourselves in serving steaks with the right thickness, a wide range of marbling and the best parts! Make your reservation today to enjoy a great piece of steak!

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