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Nothing Fancy…Just Good Food

Everybody’s taste palate is different – some like it hot, others like it cold. While one might like the steak well done, their partner might like it medium rare. At Maria’s SteakCafe, the Best Steakhouse in town, it’s all about what YOU like. It is that simple.

Thank you for the reviews, support and feedback – we constantly strive to provide our guests with a wholesome and memorable dining experience.

‘The Best Romantic Restaurant’

‘Overall atmosphere is calm. Food was great. Would recommend this place. Would definitely come back again.’

- Tiffany Koh, from Facebook review -

‘A great group dining experience’

‘We ordered the steaks and lamb cutlets for dinner last night to celebrate my son's birthday. I wanted the beef to be "medium" and they were cooked just right. The quality of all dishes were as good as dining in. Will definitely order again and highly recommended! Service was great too. Keep it up.'

- Angie Ng, from Facebook review -

‘Wonderful staff’

‘Service is friendly so that’s a plus point. I wouldn’t mind coming back for steaks but reckon I would opt for the regular ribeye.’

- Bangsar Babe -

‘Top Wagyu and Dry-aged Steakhouse in KL!’

‘Whether you prefer your steak red raw and still moo-ing, or well done to the point of being a charcoal scorch mark on the grill, and all that comes in between, the wonderful staff at Maria’s SteakCafe won’t judge, they will cook your steak exactly to your personal taste.’

– The Yum List -

‘Savouring every bite’

‘The steaks here are served sans sauce with roasted potatoes and simple sautéed vegetables on the side.  And that’s the best way to savour them – taking in the pure unadulterated bovine goodness without much embellishment.’

- pureglutton -